The story of a photographer

Bursting with energy and ease, A Nash Photograph offers an unforgettable photography experience to couples looking for photos that share their unique personality.Located in Upper Tantallon,Nova Scotia A Nash Photograph has been making memories come to life since 2010. Amy and her husband Deane make the perfect tag-team to catch all the important moments on your special day.

Recently Amy & Deane have been able to move "home". After leaving Cape Breton 12 years ago for work. "we are so blessed to have the opportunity to move home after all these years"

Amy Nash completed her first wedding in 2015, where she immediately fell in love with all things wedding photography, never looking back. Since then, Amy (assisted by her husband Deane) has photographed dozens of weddings – loving every minute of it!

Finding inspiration and fuel in her clients, Amy explains: “I absolutely adore the clients I work with. I have been so lucky with the quality of people I deal with. My business has grown a lot on word of mouth alone. In fact, the last wedding I shot there were two former brides I worked with, two future brides I am working with and of course the bride whose wedding it was. Imagine my joy to find five clients all at the same wedding. How neat is that! I feel very blessed”.

Amy’s passion for photography really took root when her family relocated to China for four years. “I purchased a really great camera the year before we moved,” she says, adding that she wanted to make sure their adventure and memories were captured. “From there, I started to dabble with portrait photography. After moving back home to Canada, I knew I wanted to pursue this passion full time!”

Receiving a diploma from the Photography Institute of Canada, Amy benefitted from mentorship from David Goldman. She was also thrilled to be mentored by Joe Bowers, a well-known Seattle Photographer. Forever learning and consistently taking online courses, Amy is a proud member of the Professional Wedding Photographers of Canada!

Personality is key!

Finding a photographer that “gets” you and your fiancé is so important to achieve the right feel for your engagement and wedding photos. Amy and Deane are light-hearted and fun, making it easy for them to capture real smiles that let your pictures shine with the love and excitement of the day!

Amy’s easy-going personality helps to make your experience fun and relaxed. When a couple feels at-ease, they show their true colours making for stunning photos. Amy considers herself an emotional photographer who looks to capture a feeling rather than just a photo.

We all know how awkward it is when you’re trying to force a smile, or hold a pose that doesn’t feel like a fit for your personality or relationship – you have nothing to worry about on that front with this delightful duo.

Style Points…

What does Amy have to say about her style? “I am not a technical photographer, I am way more on the emotional side. I want my pictures to have a feeling. Getting engaged and giving your lives to each other is usually the time when your love is young, romantic and carefree. That’s what I want your pictures to articulate.”

Love what you do

A Nash Photograph